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  1. No. If I burn with 4.3.8, the options are available but the disk doesn't verify. It does start to boot and then fails with corrupted files. If I burn with, the verify is successful, but the boot loader can't find files on the CD. (It's a well-known issue with the MS boot loader, which assumes the disk lacks the ";1" version numbers in file names.) Should the options be missing? Were they deliberately removed? Or do they get removed at runtime as a result of some mysterious property of my system?
  2. Alas, the resulting disk was unusable with lots of verify errors. I'm guessing that issue was fixed in 4.5, where I don't get verify errors.
  3. I ran back through several installers in my collection before I found that cdbxp_setup_4.3.8.2631_x64.exe has the necessary options and gave me a bootable Windows XP SP3 install CD. Versions that didn't work: cdbxp_setup_4.5.0.3717.exe cdbxp_setup_4.5.2.4478.exe
  4. The two checkbox options shown here are missing from cdbxp_setup_x64_4.5.4.5143.msi. These are needed to make an XP Service Pack 3 slipstream disk. The boot loader extracted from the disk doesn't understand the file version suffix (eg. ";1"). https://cdburnerxp.se/help/Data/bootdisc
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