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  1. humm now i have 1 fail ... maybe is because i have browse on youtube... sorry i have close the log to fast i don't have copy paste the log... maybe the amout of data... CDBurnerXP tell me it have 39.69MB Remaining size but if UDF 2.60 create 2 toc one at the start and one at the end, maybe the toc is over the theoric 39.69MB Remaining size... dont know.. juste a thinking of for what is my fail... if i have another fail i will paste it...
  2. scuse my english i speak french... when i use v4.5.4.5143 and i use file system UDF 2.60 i have 1 fail every 2 or 3 BD-R 25G ... i have try 3 diferent burner, on 2 computer, 2 in ternal and one external usb... the only solution is to select file system UDF 2.50... then now no fail for 20 db-r.. i have try the v4.5.7.6663 with the UDF 2.60 and now the probleme of fail is fix ... i have burn 10 BD-R at 6x speed ( 3 on usb burner and 7 on internal ) with UDF 2.60 and no fail... wooooooww coooool !
  3. i try to cancel a verify after burn bluray and the cancel never cancel ... the window stock here... i have to eend task the application...
  4. i try to user remote desktop from win 8.1 to win 8.1 with version CDBurnerXP v4.5.4.5143 ... cdburnerxp can't detect my burner or bluray disk ... can't start burn because error... with vnc it's work ok...
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