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  1. Hi! First of all, please forgive me if I'm posting this thread in the wrong subforum. In that case, I will ask for the admin/moderator to move it to the right subforum. I want to ask the CDBurnerXP Forum's admin to add support for the Pale Moon web browser. In order to do so, you should check for the Goanna term in its user agent string —Goanna is its render engine. The top right dropdown user's menu doesn't work if I use Pale Moon with no reference to Firefox in its user agent. I can't post either under this circumstance. Hope you can consider this. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello there! I'm the Español (Argentina) [Spanish (Argentina)] or es-AR language translator of CDBurnerXP. I want to update this language and I took a quick look at the Strings.es-AR.resx file. I could not find any new untranslated string in that file, but I've found some strings like this one: It's translated, but the original string in English doesn't include & now. So, should I remove it from the translated strings containing it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi floele, I have installed CDBurnerXP and I noted I wasn't included in the Help > About window, under Translators section. So sad…
  4. Hi there! Sure! I'm sending it to you via PM. Best! Well, in that case, here it is.
  5. Hi again floele! Been a long time, ain't it? But I'm back with my revision. I tested it a little and everything seemed good so far. I think you can add it to CDBXP. I will fix anything if necessary in the future. Best.
  6. jhertel, Once more, thank you a lot, dude! You are really helping me a lot, I mean it. Thank you for your patience and for showing me where I was doing wrong. My full respect. floele, Thanks to jhertel, I was finally able to make my locale work! Here's the result! However, I noted that some strings are not fully/properly displayed, because are long. Below some examples: So, could you enlarge windows' sizes and button's spaces in order to fix the text? Or should I shorten strings instead, even if some expressions get "forced"? Thanks to you both again!
  7. floele & jhertel, Hi guys. First of all, sorry for this delayed reply. Then, thank you for all that info, jhertel! Thanks a lot, I didn't know all that! I tried compiling the file you proposed [162 KB] but I got a 981 bytes .resx file after using Language file compiler, while the current es-AR .resx file in CDBurnerXP has a filesize of 162 KB too. Weird, isn't it? Please, help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Thank you both so much!
  8. Thanks for that tip, floele. Yeah, I was doing some little research and that tool you were talking about comes in a form of a plugin. So, from the Notepad++'s menu bar to have to go to Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager. Then, you have to scroll down and check XML Tools box to install it. XML Tools includes this XML syntax validator you were talking about. Once you restart Notepad++ to install XML Tools, open the XML document and go to Plugins > XML Tools > Check XML syntax now. Well, I checked that file and this is what Notepad++ said: Line 3527 doesn't exist actually. Last one is 3526: </root>. And line 2 is <root>, so I still don't understand what's wrong with my file.
  9. Hi again floele, This is the best I could do so far. Please, check it out when you have some free time, and tell me, if the case, what's wrong with that file that I'm still not able to compile it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Wibs! AFAIK —please, someone else correct me if I'm wrong— you can burn either UDF or ISO, but not both filesystems at the same time, at the same disc. Look: run CDBurnerXP, go to Data disc, from the menu bar go to Disc > Change file system… and you will get a pop up window with an option to burn either as ISO or UDF —several versions. There's a link to, which takes you here, so you can learn more about filesystems. I suggest you to first try burning some MP3 files in a CD-RW disc and try different UDF versions each time, so you can check what UDF versions your car CD player supports. Additional info: This is from a 2005 Pioneer player's manual of operations, just as a reference: CD-R/RW compatibility • Compatible formats: CD-Audio, Video CD / Super Video CD, ISO 9660 CD-ROM(*) containing MP3, WMA, JPEG or DivX video files (*): ISO 9660 Level 1 or 2 compliant. CD physycal format: Mode1, Mode2 XA Form1, Romeo and Joliet file systems are both compatible with this player. • Multi-session playback: No • Unfinalized disc playback: No • File structure (may differ): Up to 299 folders on a disc; up to 648 folders and files (combined) within each folder. Best!
  11. Hi all, I use AIMP as my main audio player, and one of its utilities is the Tag Editor. And one of the features of the Tag Editor is to refill the metadata from the filename. For instance, a file named 1-01 - Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Our Rhythm.mp3 will got its metadata as: [1 = CD number] [01 = track number] [Terry Lee Brown Jr. = artist] [Our Rhythm = track name] And another feature of the Tag Editor is to do this vice versa, i.e, rename filenames from the metadata. So, if you have properly saved the Artist, Title & Track # fields into the ID3 tag, you can rename files as: 01 - Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Our Rhythm.mp3, or 01 - Our Rhythm.mp3, or 01. Our Rhythm.mp3, etc. Just be sure you have filled ID3 tags before renaming those files. Best!
  12. Hi floele! Yes! I can access the forum with my original account now! I can also access both Translation (for translators) & Translation (for users) subforums as well. So, now you can delete TempAccount as well as this very topic. Thank you for your assistance!
  13. Hi again, I want to ask you about a burning method that I have found on 2 CDs so far. I think one of them is The Crystal Method's Vegas, but I can't remember very well. I do remember the other, it's Music At The Speed Of Sound, the Gran Turismo 2 OST. This CD was recorded in a no totally gapless playback, it has pauses between some tracks, with long countdowns before the next track begins. The crazy thing is that there's audio in the gaps! Yes, there's sound in the countdown! That's not all — Some tracks are gapless [the final sound of a track flows into the next track's beginning], and some others have these long gaps with sound. This is insane, I know. So, I was wondering if I can do the same with CDBurnerXP for my personal projects, since I got the CUE sheet of Music At The Speed Of Sound by ripping it as a whole disc in one file + CUE with dBpowerAMP but it didn't help — the audible gap's time/segment was added to the previous track. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi there, I have a question about audio CDs overburning. I DO know this can or cannot be possible depending on the CD/DVD drive and/or its firmware. I know that. However, despite this, how ready is CDBurnerXP to burn 90 minutes / 800 MB CD & 99 minutes / 870 MB CD? I also understand these kinds of CDs might not work with all players. Just wanted to know if CDBurnerXP is technically ready to burn these discs, despite the hardware used. Thank you.
  15. Hi all. I am KNTRO, this is my very first post in the forum, I'm a longtime CDBurnerXP user though. I want to contribute to this fantastic piece of software by offering you a fixed language file for the es-AR locale [Español (Argentina); Spanish (Argentina)]. The current one was a little messy and some strings were outdated. I reviewed the file and fixed a lot of strings, as well as updated some others. I tried to post this message in the forum Translation (for translators) but it seemed I don't have the rights to do it, so I'm posting here instead. I've done almost everything what is said here, but I'm facing a trouble — There's an issue with the latest line of the language file: Line 3528, column 3, it says </data> was expected instead of </root> so I don't know what to do here, since it's the latest line, it should be </root>, shouldn't it? I've not been even able to attach that language file to this post [I/O error], so I uploaded it to Zippyshare, if someone wants to give it a try. Obviously, I can't compile yet the resx file into DLL since there's something not working in this resx file. I will appreciate if anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you very much in advance!
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