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  1. I've just hit the same problem. After upgrading to the latest version of CDB on Windows 7 I get this 80040255 error with about every second burn. This was just a feeling before reading the above, but it really seems to be with every second burn. I'll try closing each time from now on. Is this issue still under investigation? Should I create a log?
  2. Hello, sorry for coming back late. I've burned some discs on a different system in the meantime, but want to follow-up and try to get this to work on Server 2008 R2. You wrote: "Upon installation, CDBurnerXP offers you the possibility to allow non-admin device access". Unfortunately, no, it doesn't. Maybe it uses a OS list when it should launch this dialog and doesn't identify the OS as Server 2008 correctly. It sure doesn't ask. I just uninstalled the older version of CDB and installed the latest one. It prompted for admin privileges, but it didn't ask about device access. I already changed g
  3. I cannot burn with CDBurnerXP on Windows Server 2008 R2. The symptom: - run CDBurnerXP "normally" and it shows "no compatible drives" on the "disc - data compilation" screen. - run CDBurnerXP elevated ("as Administrator") and you get your drive access, but now you cannot drag and drop files to the drop area (it shows the forbidden sign) - with an elevated CDBurnerXP you can use the Add button, but this way you can only add files (e.g. no folders including files) There seems to be a problem with the hosted listview control, that perhaps runs elevated now while Windows Explorer doesn'
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