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  1. That is good advice but changing email accounts every so often with one dedicated to forums and another for the trash things you do on the internet can help stay ahead of spam and other security concerns
  2. I will play with that. I have autoplay ON because I use it I do not understand what invokes the autoplay setting when a disk finishes then ejects. It is supposed to be triggered by the presence of new media Other software does not do that such as Freemake video and I believe imgburn although I will verify that Thanks for the reply Rick
  3. I too would like to stop that behavior and do not see a setting to do so. I use windows 10 in case there is a setting there that is causing it
  4. VLC is reading the metadata. Right click on the titles and see if you can change it there. If not there are programs that help manipulate that. I don't do a lot of that and don't know the best way to do it so perhaps someone else can jump in. Media monkey can do it but I think there are better programs if you need a one horse small solution
  5. A good solution is to use a different email address for forums only. I don't bother with that (usually) but that would work and allow one to continue participating
  6. It has been a long time since I tried to bun a 90 minute cd but I have done it before ... with disks from the same stack I don't use them very often. I update with every release so it is hard to say what version actually worked Thanks for the fast response
  7. Is there a setting to stop the program from invoking my VLC media player each time a disk finishes? This does not happen when I burn a disk in Imgburn so I am thinking it might beCDburnerxp. I am using the latest although this behavior has persisted Thanks Rick
  8. I am using version on Windows 10 x64 In previous versions if I had more than 80 minutes of music, I could insert my 90 minute CDs and proceed to a successful burn In this version it will not recognize it as a 90 minute CD. I cannot get past the window to insert a proper CD Here is the album if you would like to play with it. It is the album Patsy Cline - the Ultimate Collection [2000] and I let Wetransfer zip it up for security The link is good until 4 February, 2019 Thanks! Rick
  9. rgrun1

    Number of copies bug

    This is a small bug, but if one changes the number of copies to (say) three, that number will stick (that is great) but if you now want to burn a series of single copies, it will default to three and the number 1 will not stick. The work around is to burn one using 1 in the number of copies, close the program and reopen
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