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  1. We use this tool at work to create media for our customers. Our Quality Assurance organization has asked about this issue. The software release process we follow at our company has paperwork that requires a directory listing of the contents of the media we create. This is where we have been noticing the issue since we are required to open a DOS Command Prompt and issue the "dir x: /s /a" command and capturing the results to place in our paperwork. I'd appreciate any attention you can spare for this. Jeffrey
  2. When I burn a disk with multiple directories and I go to the DOS Prompt and perform a "dir x: /s /a", the "." and ".." directory items have a date stamp of 1899. This has been in many versions of CDBurnerXP and is in the current version as of 2/6/2015. Why don't these directory entries have a date stamp of the date/time the disk is being created? If I perform a dir /s /a on the source files on my hard drive, it contains the date/time the directories were created. I would assume that the directories on the disk would have either the date of these directories from the source location or the
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