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  1. Yes, this is a minor annoyance for me, too. Many years ago, in a much older version of this program, this feature actually worked well. It would be nice to have the feature fixed even though it's not critical for me.
  2. Thanks. A true fix would be better than a work-around.
  3. CDBurnerXP has been my main burning program for years. However, back in the day, I used to open CDBurnerXP and I was able to burn multiple discs before exiting the program. That was great because I mainly use CDBurnerXP to burn multiple backup discs for archive. All my computers are now running Windows 10. When I open CDBurnerXP, I can successfully burn and verify only 1 disc. If I attempt to clear the compilation and burn a second disc, I get a "Burning Error Occurred" error message and it tells me that the new disc is unusable. There is nothing wrong with the disc. If I exit and restart CDBurnerXP, it burns the disc just fine. Essentially, CDBurnerXP will only burn one disc per session and has to exited and restarted to burn each succeeding disc. This situation occurs on my 3 Windows 10 laptops and 1 Windows 10 desktop I use. So the problem is consistent among all my home computers. Suggestion: If this bug cannot be fixed, can you add an "After Completion" option to automatically exit CDBurnerXP (unless there was a failed verify or burning error)? I don't want to shut down my computer, but I know that I have to exit CDBurnerXP and restart it every time I want to burn a new disc. If, after burning a successful disc, CDBurnerXP would eject the disc and exit CDBurnerXP, I would save some time and effort because I have my computer to automatically run CDBurnerXP if it detects a new blank disc.
  4. Thanks for the 1+ on this issue. Although it might not be a problem for people who only burn a disc every once in awhile, it really slows down my backups when I need to burn 10 or more discs. CDBurnerXP has been my choice for burning backup discs for many years, but having to close down the program and reopen it after every disc has slowed down my task. Something went wrong somewhere in the updates and I'm just trying to raise the flag. Thanks again for bumping this issue back to the top.
  5. Thank you for the response, but it has nothing to do with the drive overheating. If I have a session of CDBurnerXP open, and have finished burning a disc even an hour ago, I get the same error message when I try to burn a second disc. This is a consistent problem on all 3 of my laptop computers, all running Windows 10, but I had the same problem with Win7 and Win8. However, when I first started using the program with WinXP, it never had this error, and I could burn disc after disc without having to close out the program between each burning. CDBurnerXP is a good program, but it used to work so much better for me years ago. Now, I have to close out the program and reopen it after each and every disc I burn.
  6. For some reason, I can only burn one DVD data disc at a time with a session of CDBurnerXP. If I want to burn another disc, I get an error code box "Burning Error Occured" (0x80040255) about 1 minute into the burning process of the second disc. Nothing is actually burned onto the disc and it remains blank. I can completely exit CDBurnerXP, and reload it with a new session, and then burn the DVD data disc. When I first started using CDBurnerXP, years ago, I could burn DVD after DVD without having to leave the program. So I know it is/was not normal to have to shut down the program after every burned disc. My current setup includes a laptop computer running Windows 10 and using a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D USB Device on G:\ as my main DVD burner. It burns and verifies the DVD without a problem - but just one disc per session. Any thoughts, comments, appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I see someone had posted a similiar topic back in Nov 2014, but I had been using CDBurnerXP without any problems in my Windows 8.1 setup until just recently. My Windows 8.1 Setup is set for automatic updates, and I suspect something in a recent update may have killed CDBurnerXP. When I click on CDBurnerXP to run, I see nothing. Using the Task Manager, I see that the process has started but that is all I can see. There is no icon in the taskbar. Worse, running CDBurnerXP now causes my computer to crash. I now get blue screens where I see nothing at all, requiring hard shutdown using the power button. If CDBurnerXP is running and not causing the blue screen, it seems to lock up my other programs, again requiring a reboot. However, the computer will not shut down normally and just stays on the restarting icon, circling forever, requiring me to hit the power switch again. I have uninstalled the most recent version of CDBurnerXP and reinstalled an earlier version, as I read this solved the problem for others in the Nov 2014 thread. It did not work for me. I tried the troubleshooting steps outlined in the Nov 2014 thread, including removing my Virtual Disk program. That did not help. I still cannot get CDBurnerXP to run. Other than Windows 8.1 updates, one of the new programs I have added to my system is DrivePool. However, CDBurnerXP was running fine with DP before, so I don't think that is the problem. I have also added Plex server to this system, which runs in the background and I don't know if that is causing a problem. I can say that CDBurnerXP was running fine before I installed Plex, and now it does not, but there was a Windows update during that same time. CDBurnerXP works just fine in my Windows 7 computer, so I have moved all my burning tasks to that system. However, I really do miss CDBurnerXP on my main Windows 8.1 system. Any fresh ideas on troubleshooting would be appreciated.
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