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  1. When it was working properly the convesion for each file was not instantaneous, but rather took a few seconds for each file. I sent you a log file in the July 20 transmission.
  2. The conversion is almost instantaneous, does all 24 tracks in a couple seconds. The burning process also only takes a few seconds. My flac files are good, have worked in previous levels, play fine, and work with other burners.
  3. Who shoud the e-mail be directed to? How should it be identified to connect it to this thread?
  4. I did get a log file of the burning processStarBurn.log
  5. My smallest flac file is 23MB, the max size allowed is 4.88MB
  6. The Flac files exceed the max file length allowed....
  7. Version has happened on previous versions. Windows 7 SP # 1 Conversion process from Flac to CDA happens almost instantly, Burn produces disc with garbage files.
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