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  1. I have had this back so some one needs to get them to change as it will put many off using the site and black the program when downloded. Upon further analysis and investigation we have determined that the software in question meets the necessary criteria to be detected as Potentially Unwanted (PUA) and will be reclassified accordingly. The updated detection will be distributed in the next set of virus definitions, available via LiveUpdate or from our website at http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/defs.download.html A PUA is a program that users wish to be made aware of.
  2. I have loged as a errer but Norton has to be disabled to install the program. The site is flaged as suspect caution in the Norton Toolbar. Needs chasing with them as many people will be put off the site/software with this. Sorry for spelling as I am dislexic
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