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  1. a way for cdbxp to rip itself from the os with blank files and then reinsert it's state throughout the os, restart required. although then it would have to be an .msi and then recycle itself back through the installer and then reconfigure it's blank space; so that it couldn't have to be reinstalled or modified, but redigitally liscenced. so it can work. __sorry {couldn't wouldn't shouldn't} all in the same word doesnt exist in the english language. oh btw 'list otiion' referse to a checkbox that might read something like reset.
  2. ..maybe just a file (header)to tell it is an 'imaged standard' so it can trail itself properly to a 'raw write' or excact clone. like how on the old playstaion 1 console discs thier was a complete section of junk sectors with a hardware trigger inside the psx to tell it to 'accept'
  3. instead of ripping to an image standard read all info directly from the disc (by way of empty container) to a .file 'file' ie... instead of .iso constraint format rip to an undisclosed format essentially cloning the disc. i guess then it would have to be able to be burned with a header, but what about an empty header container so it can be ready for any program to sustain its default image format. that's what i mean by raw write. i suppose...
  4. would it be possible for cdbxp to reset it's footprint in the installed os in case of abnormalities by way of 'list option'.
  5. could it be possible to converet to uncompresed image format (lossless) raw rip?
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