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  1. Oh definitely. I think it was more that when you update it, that it should state it removed files (like it does when you open a file where something no longer exists).

    I'm happy working around it for now. Was just a suggestion (in case you move a file while you have a compilation open, then perform an update then don't notice the compilation has removed a file) :-).

  2. Hi,


    Firstly - What a fantastic product! And for free!


    Secondly - Few things I've noticed that maybe someone hasn't reported before about the DXP files?


    1. Bug #1, the link to the stylesheet no longer exists:

    <?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help/compilation.xsl'?>


    2. Is there a way to get CDXP to write relative paths into the DXP file?


    3. Finally, bug #2, I modified the DXP file in Notepad++ to use relative paths and while it burns okay I've noticed one very interesting quirk, right clicking and selecting "Update Compilation" removes all the files that are in a sub-folder without any warning. CDXP should ideally just deal with relative paths, however I am seeing it as a bug as CDXP should ideally at least warn that the files don't exist anymore when you perform an "Update Compilation" and not just blindly remove them.


    Hope this helps,


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