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  1. More on this topic from Voyagerone. The data size is 198MB. Disc size is 700MB. I am at the stage of simply giving up. If I cannot sort this problem out within a day or so, I will uninstall the program and find another that works properly.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Attached is a screenshot. Down at the bottom left corner is the wording 'Data exceeds the size of the media'. The new disc has been formatted and is empty. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have watched quite a few YouTube clips and this message is not to be seen at any time, with hundreds of tunes being added to a disc, with them using using the CD Burner as I am. I am running Windows 10 but the problem has been there for a long time, even using XP. My wife and I are both Christians and we love Worship music. I have hundreds of tunes on my laptop and by putting t
  3. Data Exceeds The Size Of The Media. Which it doesn't. This is message displayed at the bottom left of the window, in the green strip. I am running Windows 10. Does the XP at the end of 'CDBurnerXP', mean it will run on XP only? Data size is 157 MB. CD disc capacity is labelled as 700 MB. I am trying do burn a music to the disc. I can burn only about 4 tunes. After that I get the error message. I am using the latest update. Slowly driving me up the wall. Any ideas folks?
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