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  1. Ok... Now I played the disc in the other machine, even in VLC, and it is fine. So it is related to the machine. Sorry for the repeated edits. And yes I forked over $60 for Power2Go, and it wasn't necessary. So if someone wants to look at this post and knows drivers and such. What would be causing ImgBurn, VLC, or whatever to not see CD-Text with my Blu-ray drive when running an audio disc? Yet it works in another machine and its drive. The one that is not reading is an external USB Memorex MRX-800LU v2.
  2. On a related note... The search feature above just returns gobbledigook.
  3. 'Replaygain' is added on a 'Tag' of the audio files themselves (like MP3, M4A..etc). You need to use software like Foobar2000 to add the information to your tracks. CDBurner does not do that. This will add like -10DB and etc to each track. Then CDBurnerXP will be able to take that data and burn it onto the CD for you. Supposedly it will all be normalized after that.. even on the guys 'boombox'. help on replaygain
  4. The most compatible with your older Hi-fi would be CD-R discs, and burn CD-Audio, and 'floele' mentioned.
  5. After CDBurnerXP burns a disc, with my special compilation of files. I have a special information that I have written for each file...Some are .wavs some are M4a. These are not commercial files, so they don't have much of their own information. I have used CDBurnerXP to enter the Cd-Text info. I have tried to keep the text under 32chars... dunno, and tried to keep the special characters down to just '-' (a dash), because I don't know what is causing the crashes. But some software like 'VLC' just crashes when I plop one of these audio CDs in after I burn with your software. Other software like the simple HACP Player just doesn't see the CD-Text, or it crashes out "properly" with no-cd-text, where for other discs it does see the data, as its designed to do. I'm convinced something is happening with this burning software, and the 25 tracks I'm working on, or 1 or more CD-Texts I've chosen, or the options I've selected. Any thoughts? I've made 4-bricks now, with different options, and fiddling with different cd-text concepts and options. I would rather not go into detail yet on the particular tracks, they are religious. But are there limitations that I'm not aware of? Any concerns that could be it causing this? Edit: I should add it worked fine with the CD-Text: before I edited them and specialized them. It used to put the FileName in the CD-Text. But after I edited them, now it is making bricks, espcially in VLC Media player, that now crashes. Edit: I seen the CD-Text bug, in the other forum, I'm not sure my problem is related. I've tried reverting to It had different options that seemed promising, but yielded the same results, and now I'm up to 6-bricks. Well they play on some audio players, but the CD-Text did not come out, and they all crash VLC. I think I'm just going to purchase Power2Go. Edit: As of 9/29 1:14pm, well just purchased Power2Go version 10, well. I was helping out on the site, with my supposed experience, but I gotta get going burning some of these. Maybe I'll see ya guys around the web in the future again some day! I enjoyed the use of CDBurnerXP in the past for many years. Edit: Well I'm back.. You won't believe this, but even after burning with Power2go, doing its thing with all different CD-Text setups and normalization. It produced the exact same results. A brick in VLC, and for all other players no CD-Text. I just spent $60+ dollars. The next is to try and see if my laptop will have the same results. Edit: Wow..Burned in CdburnerXP latest version in a Completely Different machine (the same files)...Wow! Same results. No CD-Text and VLC is hosed. There is something about the CD-Text I've chosen.
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