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  1. Thanks for your response.  But I don't think I explained very well.  What I need is a "command line way" to cause the CDBurnerXP to load and refresh the specified DXP.

    The user won't necessarily know to go to the top menu and select Edit >> Update Compilation.  Plus, they see "missing file" messages, which doesn't instill confidence.

    The point is, I'm trying to automate as much as possible from a calling script.  If there was a programmatic way to Add Folder, I could do it that way ... but, alas, that only puts up a selection dialog, without a provision to type in a file. 

    At this point, I can't see a viable way.  I'm not wild about going to one of the command-line-only softwares, but automating is becoming more important than features.  I was just hoping CDBurnerXP would save the day.


  2. I've used CDBurnerXP for some time and am a big fan of its no-nonsense approach.

    But I'm trying to automate some of my uses and have run into a problem.  I save my definition files (dxp files) for my main disk areas that I want to archive to CD.  I then try to initialize CDBurnerXP by appending the dxp filename to the run string per the documentation:

    cdbxpp.exe does only have one command line argument: You can only specify a file name of a CDBurnerXP compilation file to open it automatically.

    This works to bring up CDBurnerXP, but whenever files have moved out of a directory, I get missing file notifications.  For example, when I want the entire contents of C:\Photos written to a DVD, I might have deleted a photo here or there.

    So, my question is:  Can there be a designation like C:\Photos\* in the dxp file?

    I realize I can use the command line version and force an update.  But what I really need is to bring up the CDBurnerXP interface so I can make any other adjustments and maybe add other content.

    Thanks in advance for any help.





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