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  1. BenderClark

    Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

    Agreed ....when I try to quit CD Burner ....Windows 10 Explorer will freeze for few minutes .....super weird. Any suggestions of fixing this ?
  2. BenderClark

    64 bit version crashes

    It was the one with no ads
  3. BenderClark

    64 bit version crashes

    I have to switched back to 32 bit version because the 64 bit version will Freeze Up Windows Explorer @ Windows 10 .
  4. BenderClark

    A Virus Has Invaded Your Download Page

    Malwarebytes Premium have found one Open Candy crap file. What is this ?
  5. When I have installed CDburnerXP ....... Malwarebytes have said that it has something called "Open Candy". ... whatever it was . ..... is it SAFE ?????

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