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  1. Hi, this crash dump has been made while CDBurnerXp had the bug, before to click on "close the program" (window was already there) because then it is not active any more in the MSwindows processes.
  2. Ok, I just sent it to you via wetransfer
  3. Hi, how should I send you the crash dump? It´s a big file.
  4. just tried with the latest version of CDBurnerXP, same issue. I created a crash dump I'll send you.
  5. Few weeks ago I burned a dvd with backups and let it open to be able to fill it next time. I now tried to read the pictures on it and it won't work. So I tried to finalize the disc and it can't import the open session. Select "Data Disc" => Select "Continue Disc" => loading session => CDBurnerXP stopped working here is the detail of the disc what can I do to finalize this disc or at least to not loose the data on it? Thanks for your help!
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