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  1. After starting burn process, CDBurnerXP checks all tracks which should to be burn. A message appears: four tracks could not be added. To clear this message window the OK button was clicked. In this moment starts the burning process without the missing tracks and immediately breaked off this process was too late: the CD is for the next try unusable. Pity about the expensive special CD. To remove the message window (four tracks missing) the OK button is to be pushed, never the burning process must start!
  2. Oh oh oh - I'm so sorry... In CDBurnerXP I had the access to an old safety file and it was stored on another drive. Just in the moment I have seen it. I'm sorry to have caused the alarm. It's all okay.
  3. 13.06.2016 - Update 1. The CD1 contents a jpg-file (Cover) and 13 audio files. CDBurnerXP shows the jpg-file but only 12 audio files - track 9 is missing. 2. The meta dates of all tracks contents titel numbers, CDBurnerXP shows only the title numbers of track 2, 10, and 12. 3. The length of track 7 is 1:44 minutes. CDBurnerXP shows the length 5:10 minutes, and its own cd player plays this time. Here is attached the next track 8 (!)... Other players (audacity, Aimp) plays track 7 with the correct time 1:44 minutes. After one hour CDBurnerXP crashed.
  4. After loading a brand new CD into the drive, the selected music files were pushed into the burn window. Now in the order line below the message appeared 'No medium'. After open and close the CD ROM drive the CD was recognized. Why CDBurnerXP is not able to recognized a new CD which is already loading? CDBurnerXP Version Win7, 64 bit
  5. Burning process is okay, but after loading the CD in the CD ROM drive again the CD will not recognize. This was the second attempt.
  6. Today the new version was installed. CD burning is okay, but input the CD in the CD / DVD drive (computer, Win 7, 64 bit) the CD does not recognize. A second CD with another songs had the same problem. Playback of both CDs on portable radio/CD device is working.
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