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  1. One last comment--When Malwarebytes quarantined OC, the program stopped working again.
  2. One other possible factor--Malwarebytes quarantined Opencandy and I deleted it. When I started having problems, I uninstalled cdburner and reinstalled it, using the installation without Opencandy. Coincidentally, or not, the "recorded" CD wouldn't play. I uninstalled again, and did the "normal" installation. Everything works fine now--though Malwarbytes still quarantines Opencandy.
  3. I am having to record the discs on Windows Media Player--which works fine, but takes longer, and lacks some things I liked about cdburnerxp.
  4. I only create audio discs. I have recorded dozens of music discs over the past few years--until changing to Windows 10. Now, the program says the disc has been recorded successfully, but when I try to play it, there's nothing there.
  5. After upgrading to Windows 10, I have had lots of problems recording CDs with CDBurnerXP. Now, for no particular reason it seems, the recorded CD won't play on a CD or automobile player (no sound). The recording process goes well (set to finalize) and the recorded CD plays on the computer fine. I used Media player to record the same music, and the CD plays on all devices. Looking for ideas . . . .
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