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  1. Update! Yesterday unable to play a cd in drive! Maybe it's the drive? Will CDburnerXP compile a tracklist without a blank cd in the tray though? Yes, it will! And it burned it this morning, no problem. And now the drive plays cds too! So problem appears to be fixed, and all a red herring. My apologies, and thanks for your help. The Insistence that the FILE is DRM protected sure is misleading though! Incidentally, dvd burner is a Pioneer BDR 208D, if that info is any use to your future consultations! Dave Draper
  2. Well, thanks, but same problem. I don't think there's an issue with my sound card (Hammerfall 96/52DSP), but ...? I don't know if this is relevant, but the last project I managed to burn with CDburnerXP, was a selection of files which it successfully burned, and all seemed to be correctly playing on many machines. One CD player wouldn't play the disc though, so in the course of copying the files across to another computer I have, with CD architect, I noticed some of them were at 48kHz! This was an error on my part as I'd exported one at this rate for a video, and forgotten to change i
  3. Just installed - same problem; can't drag & drop files into new compilation, open old compilations which this program has happily burned to disc before, now it won't add them. I don't understand the 'is not a supported audio file' - it's a 44.1kHz wav file! Anyway, error log attached. Dave Errors.log
  4. This 'bug' has been reported before (https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/topic/8502-c-audio-file-is-drm-protected-and-cannot-be-burned-to-disc/), and claimed to have been fixed "in the next release" but I have been using CDburnerXP fine for two+ years with no problems. This morning, trying to burn a disc of the same music, fresh export from cubase, I get the above message for the first time. This was on version 4.5.6; I uninstalled it & went back to version 4.5.4, and the same thing. Opening projects I have successfully burned before, I get the message too - not always on all the files, but on som
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