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  1. As in the thread I've already started the voting on uservoice few days back, and it seemes people support this idea (I'll keep my fingers crossed for it to reach #1 rank in top ideas). As I've stated on uservoice if cdburnerxp's developers are gonna have a hard time getting a LabelFlash enabled drive for software development purposes, I'm willing to buy one and send it to them if nessecary. Maybe I'll throw in some labelflash enabled dvd's, because as it goes for me, DiscT@2 is the feature i'm interested the most.. Not every Labelflash user knows that official software can ba forced to burn any kind of image not only the official templates, but it requires a graphic editing software (image must be square in dimensions, and it's best to convert it to grayscale 256 colours) plus additional tampering with Labelflash's software .ini file, as in it lays the secret of template's various settings.so it's a pain in the butt to do it manually every time one wants to burn a custom made template/image. So by adapting the official software as part of cdburnerxp and making it more "user friendly" developers could achive the goal of having labelflash enabled. It probably wouldn't require a license from yamaha corporation then (although im not so sure about this one, better ask them first).. So how about ths People? What do You think of this? please do coment.
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