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  1. CDBurnerXP under Win 10, 64-bit After severalf tries to burn a data disk with compilations of slightly different sizes, but generally close to the size limit of a 4.7 GB DVD-R, the burning process completes without any hint of a problem, but each time, the verify process fails with a very generic error. No indication of which file or what issue caused the failure. The latest 'failure' starts with the following information in the status bar: DVD-R (Empty) | UDF 1.02 with 45 folders and 625 files | Total Estimated Size: 4471.75 MB | Remaining Size: 10.91 MB Burning
  2. Thank you, the light just came on. The wiki articles gives the NTFS filename limit as 255 characters and the corresponding UDF limit as 256 bytes! So I can have perfectly legal NTFS file names and no way to really back them up And an even bigger mess with paths and path components, yikes, what a mess
  3. It seems that within CDBurner the 'problem' is discovered when I fist add the files to the compilation. So I would expect, the the app will automatically select the best available format - or advise me if that is not possible with an meaningful message. Assuming thus that the UDF format would have been selected, I still see a number of questions/issue: 1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems UDF 255 bytes Any Unicode except NUL 1,023 bytes[z] seems to tell me that the max UDF file name length is 255 ??
  4. The 'shortening' part I understand, but I was under the impression, that even 119 was below the max file name limit - for all CD/DVD formats. Am I wrong? How does CDBurner decide on the actual file name limit
  5. Running under Win 10 64-bit Tried disk spanning for the first time, using DVD-R disks. The process seems to have run to completion, and I can read/inspect the first 2 disks of a 5 disk set, but disks 3 to 5 do not show any data when inserted into the same drive or even on another machine. Visual inspection seems to show that data was written to the disks. What went wrong? How can I successfully record disk spanning sets? How can I figure out what went wrong? ------------- update ------- In the meantime, I have found some software which se
  6. I am running and have 2 files, with names of different length which CDBurner complains about being duplicates. One is 119 chars (minus extension) the other is 116 chars long (minus extension) . The names ARE the same for the first 116 chars and do have the same extension
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