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  1. Dear friends, I would like to report the following bug in v4.5.8.7041: Verbatim dvd+rw when filled up to a certain amount with data, cannot be copied to verbatim dvd+r. Messaging that dvd+r has not nuff space on it. (That would only be possible when copyin from + to - disc type) Added screenshot of dvd+rw that cannot currently be copied to dvd+r
  2. Dear friends, When printing, in the screen that is named "Print Cover" the "Print..." button does nothing. Normally I would get the printer preference screen, and set preferences for the cdburnerxp program. Printing can be done after pressing "Preview" and then use the printer icon in the upper left. But cdburnerxp will then use your default printer preferences. Workaround: Before printing a cover with cdburnerxp, set your wanted printer settings via windows. Fix request: Either make the "Print..." button work or remove it pls. Experienced with
  3. !! SORRY / ERRATUM !! Just turned out that CdburnerXP displays rite values for bitrates. X-Media Recode made an error in my conversion !! SORRY / ERRATUM !! CdburnerXP V4.5.6.6059: Create Audio CD Add several mp3 files with 192Kbps bitrate to compilation See column 'Bitrate' in compilation Notice that 192Kbps mp3 files, mostly are falsely displayed as: 128Kbps Not a biggy when this is only a displayed value. But what if, this really mean that the falsely bitrate is used in conversion to cda format?
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