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  1. Thanks for the reply - I was just about to post a follow up. I do have the latest version of the software, but it turns out the hardware wasn't working properly - the sound card is old and there's no Windows 10 driver for it. Not sure how to work around this - may have to get a new card. Thanks again, Sam
  2. and i should have added that i have installed/uninstalled/reinstalled, then rebooted/installed/uninstalled/reinstalled, then uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled...you get the idea! thanks again. sam
  3. floele - i also need help with the audio player, which just flickers when i try to play a tune (either drag and drop; or add to a compilation, right click and select play) and doesn't play. so it's not "playing with no sound," but just "not playing." just replaced the hard drive with a clean install of windows 10. no problem with the audio outside of this problem and software. i did not have any problems with windows 7. this software does just what i want and i would love to get this fixed. thanks in advance for any help you can give. sam
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