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  1. Follow up....after checking the event logs I saw Quick Time was involved with the error. Although it's the newest version of Quick Time, so an update not an option, I then deleted QT from my system and tried again; I don't see why I really need it these days. It burned OK. Possible problem with QT and Win10, cannot be sure, but it seems to be narrowed down.
  2. Downloaded utility. Ran it, it did not find any disabled filters/drivers. Tried again with the .mp4a files. Same error. Crashed. I'll stick with iTunes for burning .mp4a. It worked flawlessly.
  3. Thanks. I will definitely try that and get back to you. I've also tried bringing in the latest build of Win10 (yes, the preview build, but it works just fine on my laptop, though I have not tried CDBurner on that). Newest build is 14352, so between that and the tool, I will see the results. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, some are 16-bit, some 24-bit, as I tried both. Test tones, as well as classical music excerpts. Both lists as .mp4a files. ALAC.zip
  5. Build Win10/64-bit Before spending money on ALAC files I downloaded some ALAC test tones and audio files and attempted to burn. Each time the program crashes with an unexpected error, no other code or definition provided. Turning right around and attempting a .wav file burn is successful, as is mp3. The present build is not supporting mp4a as it is advertised to...
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