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  1. It works, excellent news, thank you !
  2. Hello, I'm running CDBurnerXP for first time, and an error sent me here. I'm working on making a multi-emulator for my nephews on a Raspberry Pi. Many emulatos are using .zip files, .n64, .sms or .gg, .gbc files, etc. when I scrap my games, I have 1 file = 1 game in the list, as in this exemple : But on an other emulator, I have a little problem. This one uses .iso files or [.cue + .bin] files. The problem with the BIN+CUE in my case, is the game is displayed in multiple lines. I often have 2 or 3 files, but sometimes it's 20 or 30 files. and 20 or 30 lines for 1 game isn't possible. So, the thing I have to do is to make .iso files with my games in .bin/.cue files. That's what I tried with your tool, and I had this 0x800402A0 error. I hope you can help me. Thank you
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