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  1. Hello, Ok MAN, I have explain you in the HUMAN way to check all the files by open. I am sending you to the Polizei von Stuttgart and Federal Bureau of Investigation stuttgart.pp@polizei.bwl.de Check there please the reference. Best regards, George Nistor
  2. it happens only when you write more than one session. Check all the files by open. Unbelievable you are not able to test it, all kind of boys they know! Would you like me to put a screenshot? Because I could put and do a CC to the Police in Stuttgart also. You are not skilled and in the wrong place and I am in the street after working at BOSCH and BMW. george
  3. Hello I have put the screenshot to see the copy speed from my BD drive after I have written with cdburnerxp. I put also the setup to be seen. On the cdburnerxp version and the previous one it is a problem with UDF 2.60. After creating a second session nothing on the media can be read correctly. When txt files are opened it shows some chineese text, when exe files are executed can't be done - wrong files - "can't run on this pc". I have tested the same multi-sesion writing on BD-RE this time on UDF 2.5 and it works fine. Best regards, george
  4. Hi, It is a Perfekt Job. I have a LG BD-RE BH16NS55. It works just perfekt with Verbatim BD-R 25GB 6x. I have got 35 MB per second on the second session. I have used UDF 2.60. I don't like very much, it has an offer in the Installation kit. Best regards, George Nistor
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