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  1. A change in info.! The previous version of CD BurnerXP that I referenced now shows to be CDBurnerXP I do not understand what is going on with the change in that I earlier made careful note of the other version (mentioned above). I do use the "copy disc" option. I do not know what format of the copies . . All I do know is that they they appear identical to the originals and play great on my CD/DVD players.
  2. In reply to my own question about older versions of CDBurnerXP that worked in making good copies being available, I discovered the following web address which lists most if not all older versions: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/cdburnerxp-pro-4-2-6-1748, I randomely chose version "CDBurnerXP Pro" and have made copies of Audio/Video DVDs that play beautifully on both of my DVD players. To view all versions, scroll down on the screen.
  3. I did not give my attention to version numbers. If upon downloading, it worked, then I was satisfied. But, through the years I probably used more than one version when changing computers, etc. And, they all worked very well in making duplicate copies of movies, etc, This present problem for me began when I read that a newer version was available for downloading and asked if I would like to do so. I said, "o. k.". I am still using the same DVD player as back then. Are the older versions of CDBurnerXP, say offered 2-3 years back, still available? Otherwise, I am at my witts end. Thanks.
  4. I have used CDBurnerXP for several years, including with Windows 8.1, copying DVDs, then immediately playing them on TV via DVD player. Suddenly, the copies will play on my computer but not on TV via DVD player. What am I missing? I forgot to mention that I downloaded their newer, "updated" version. That is when my problem began.
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