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  1. THAT is EXTREMELY BAD ADVICE unless you want to totally F**K up your computer. NEVER install software without your virus checker running and I also recommend Malwarebytes Pro in con junction with or instead of anti-virus software! It is absolutely unconscionable to promote the placing of scutware, adware, ransomware and other garbage like that on unsuspecting users who may have to spend hundreds of dollars and/or dozens of hours to remove the crap from their computers later. Wow. I don't even believe you said that. Why don't you folks develop a proper marketing model for your
  2. I *love* your program. It is simply wonderful, simple, elegant and useful. The problem is garbage like Open Candy and IronSource. These things cause incalculable wastes of time and problems, especially for novice users. I can not and will not ever recommend a program/app which is associated with distribution of browser search bars, adware, ransomware (in effect), and misleading trash like those addon programs. Sure, I can get around the obstacles but I shouldn't have to. IronSource's only true purpose is to place unwanted and hard to remove (and potentially hazardous) junk on someone
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