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  1. Danke - ich habe mir die Version schon mal heruntergeladen, würde mir aber für einen Test lieber erst einmal eine CD-RW organisieren wollen. Sobald ich dann mehr weiß, melde ich mich wieder. Eine CD-Brenner-Emulationssoftware, die ein mount- und abspielbares Image einer Audio-CD erzeugt, kenne ich leider nicht. Zumindest nicht als kostenfreie Software, wie es sie für Daten-CDs und das ISO-Filesystem zu Hauf gibt. Wenn es um Images von Audio-CDs geht, bin ich bisher immer entweder bei proprietären Ansätzen kommerzieller Programme oder im Bereich der Programme zur Überwindung von Kopierschu
  2. No, both source CDs that I have tested are plain audio CDs with no data track. See the attached screenshot. As mentioned before, copying the same source CDs with Corel Burn.Now yields readable audio CDs, as was the case with CDBurnerXP before the automatic upgrade. On closer inspection, one can see that CDBurnerXP's not exact copy of the audio CD also has slightly different overall and track sizes than the original. That is not the case with the copy from Corel Burn.Now, which appears to be fully identical to the source, judging from the displayed parameters in CDBurnerXP's disc info dial
  3. 2nd edit, but as a new post, to keep things manageable. Reverting back to version by installing it over the upgraded version did not help, although the installation routine has first un-installed the more recent version, and the older one was was installed after a re-boot. So, the case becomes more difficult. My last attempt in copying an audio CD before the automatic upgrade to version produced a readable audio CD. All attempts in copying audio CDs after the automatic upgrade produce unusable results, because the first track is written as a da
  4. Hi, I hope this is the right place for reporting my problem. I have recently upgraded from version to version (in fact, the program has done that, due to the respective settings). Since then, copying audio CDs does not work correctly. My system is a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 with an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7930H (as determined by CDBurnerXP), running under Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I had simply chosen the 'copy disc' function from the start screen, had the system read the source CD, replaced the source CD by a recordable CD as target, and let the system automatically
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