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    Adding tracks to audio image now occurs for each CD burned

    I'm sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I did not realize you had replied. Today I once again needed to make multiple audio CDs from .mp3 files. Seeing there was a new version available, I installed version and had the same problem. That is, I added 13 .mp3 files to the compilation, clicked Burn, set the number of copies, clicked the Burn Disk button, watched as the 13 tracks were added to the audio image, observed the first CD get burned, replaced the burned CD with a blank and watched as, once again, unnecessarily, the 13 tracks were added to the audio image, ... MP3 files. All settings are default. There is no difficulty reproducing the problem. It happens every time.
  2. Somewhere between version and, CDBurnerXP lost the ability to reuse the audio image. That is, when burning multiple audio CDs from MP3 files, the “Adding tracks to audio image” step (conversion from MP3 to whatever) occurred only once in the old (good) version regardless of how many CDs were burned. Now, in the new (bad) version, the process occurs each time an identical CD is burned, which is a complete waste of time. Please restore the previous correct behavior so that I can use the current version. I hate it when features are lost. At the very least, could you let me know which version introduced this problem so that I can get the last good version? (Readers, Y’all know that FileHippo.com is where you can find those older, better versions, right?)
  3. NiffNorb

    Burn Progress information missing

    Somewhere between version and, the Burn Progress display in CDBurnerXP lost most of its information. In the good (old) version it showed the start of each track and when the closing process started. In the bad (new) version it shows nothing but percent of progress. Please restore the useful, detailed information that you previously had (so hardly any effort required). I hate it when features are lost. And when you are putting the info back in, could you add something like, “Burning disk <n> of <n>” as well? That would be nice.

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