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  1. Hi floele, see the update is here, finally! Downloaded it and burned a data blu-ray disk, worked great. Happy to see it. I'll post if I have any problems. Thanks!!
  2. floele, I keep checking for updates, will we ever see one? When?? Thanks!
  3. The last few times I have tried to burn a disc with your software on my external Asus BW-16D1X-U I encounter this error. The error box comes up, I filled it out but it won't send. Ashampoo has no problem with the files, which are for backup of my photo files, CR2 and xmp. It's a drag as I prefer your software's interface over Ashampoos, but it does not seem to work anymore on my computer. Here is the error file that I could not send: x64 edition of CDBurnerXP System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32. at System.Convert.ToInt32(Double value)
  4. Hi floele, I did download the 'without install core', both the 32 and 64 bit. I ran both through Virus Total, a highly regarded online scanner which scans the file with over 60 virus scanners from different companies. Going from memory, Trend Micro found two instances, and the other scanner which I can't remember, pointed to another two. I then downloaded the portable version, and Virus Total gave it a clean bill.
  5. I downloaded the new versions 32 bit and 64 bit without installcore. As is my usual practice I ran the files through Virus Total and both were flagged with 4 problems. I downloaded the portable version, and a Virus Total scan came up clean I'd like to install the program, but am wary after the scans.
  6. floele, I'll give it a try when I can. I am getting a blu-ray burner and won't be doing multiple burns when I get it. Before that, I'll try and test the new version and report back. Will cdburnerxp work burning blu-ray?
  7. floele, downloaded and tried the new version you suggested, same result. I still can only burn one disc per session, same as before. Got the same error message as before. When I get the chance I'll try runing it using 'logging', and submit to you.
  8. floele, here's the file I made. Let me know if it is right and helps. Didn't say log but it was the only file I saw that looked like it. StarBurn.zip
  9. I downloaded and installed the new version. I'll give it a try as soon as I can and let you know.
  10. Downloaded and installed, same thing happened. Couldn't burn more than one disc without having to close and re-open your program. Tried to run the diagnostic but the program stayed at preparing disc for 15 minutes, never did start to burn. I ended up cancelling the burn and unchecked logging and was still able to burn the disc. Didn't make a coaster. I enclosed the star burn file even though I don't think it will help much. I'll try again when I have some time. StarBurn-1.zip
  11. floele, thanks, will give it a try.
  12. I will as soon as I get a chance.
  13. Downloaded and installed the new version and am having the same problem as before. Can't burn two data discs in a row without closing the app and reprogramming for the second disc. I got the same message as I had reported before which I'd showm in my post on the first page of this thread. My computer is running Windows 10-64 pro with all the current updates.
  14. Floele, I finally had enough data to burn a couple of disks. Here's the file that you had asked for using the logging feature. Had to reduce it quite a bit as the original was 138 mb. Let me know if it works for you. StarBurn - Copy.7z
  15. floele, I don't have enough data for burning new disks, but here are the files that were in my app folder anyway. When I have enough data to burn, I'll follow the instructions of "enable logging" and get those files to you. Let me know if these included files help at all. Errors.log CDBurnerXP.zip
  16. Downloaded the new version and still encounter the same problems as before. I cannot burn two discs in a row without closing CDBurnerXP and reentering the burn data. What I mean is that even though the data to be burned, different pictures for archiving, I have to close CDBurner XP and reenter the pictures to be archived to DVD. I have found that at least I can save my entries and upon CDBurnerXP's restart I can enter the saved lists to be burned. I do not have this problem with Ashampoo of burning multiple discs. When burning I have the close disc, and verify options selected. I was
  17. mtakala, the software works, I am just unable to burn multiple discs without closing the program and re-starting it. You can try and see if you have to close the program and re-start it, if it works great. Even if it doesn't and ejects the disc, it does not harm it, you can still burn to it. I have found that I have to close CDBurnerXP and re-open it. It will now work fine. Before you close the program, you might want to save your programming, it makes it much easier to start the burn by just re opening CDBurnerXP opening the file you saved (your files to be burned) opening it and selecti
  18. I checked my device mgr, and my disc players said they are migrated, I do not think this is your problem. I would check to see that the drivers of your burner are up to date. Also I would try another burner if at all possible. If I were you I'd post your problem on another forum. I have been a member of DPReview for a very long time. It is a very reputable site, doesn't cost anything to register and they have a widely read forum for computer questions either PC or Mac. There are a ton of very knowledgeable people there readily willing to help, There is also http://www.tenforu
  19. Theeiiaa, A couple of things I would suggest, check in your device manager and make sure your burner is working properly. Next I would see if your burner can play or read any discs you've made in the past? Perhaps get a few of another brand of discs and see if they work. If possible try another CD burner (an external connected by usb), see if that works.
  20. theeilaa, I do not have a problem with the burning. It is just that I cannot burn two discs in a row without closing the program in between the burns.
  21. I recently downloaded the newest version hoping it it would cure my problem. It did not. I cannot burn two data discs in a row (with different data on each) without completely closing CDBurnerXP and re-opening. The only two options I have selected are to finalize the disc and verify the data. It is the same error I encountered as before, but now it doesn't ever help if I don't check the verify data until after it starts burning, it ejects the disc. No matter what I try it will not burn the second disc unless I completely close the program and re-start it. What I am burning are
  22. I finally had some more data I wanted to burn, so I tested my findings from before. I had enough data to record some discs, so I programmed the first one. I then burned it with the finalize data, and verify data checked. Disc burned no problem. I then cleared the compilation, programmed for another disc and tried to burn it. I got the error and the disc ejected. I unchecked the verify data option, reinserted the disc and got the same error. I then reinserted the disc, with the verify data box unchecked, went back to the data compilation page, and was able to start burning the disc. Aft
  23. kot-da-vinci, thanks for your reply. The problem I am having occurs with DVD+R discs. I don't even have or use any re-writable DVD disks. I use DVD's to back up my photos in addition to my ext. hard drives. I had written that I had an older version, so I deleted the newest version, and installed ver (64). Didn't help with my problem of trying to burn a second disk even though it was different data, so I uninstalled the older version and reinstalled the newest version, 64 bit. Newer or older, I still had the same problem. I think I was able to pinpoint my problem's cau
  24. Thanks floele for the reply, I happened to look in one of my external hard drives and found the previous version of CD Burner XP, ver. (64). I uninstalled the newer version and installed the older version. I didn't have any problems with it before, haven't had a chance to try it again. If I do I'll post back here.
  25. I am having the same problem. When programming a data disk the first one burns no problem, but when I try and program and record a second disk I get a warning " Burning error occurred". If i save my burn selections, close CDBurnerXP then either reprogram my selections or paste the saved file, it burns no problem. It had not happened with the previous versions, but since the last update bit it does. I've tried doing a thorough delete with RevoUninstaller Pro then re-install, didn't help. Would using the 32 bit version help?. My computer is a Windows 10/64/Pro
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