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  1. That is strange. Then take it from here http://www.dubbekarl.dk/StarBurn.zip But please notice: It's not a public link, the contents will disappear within a few weeks, so please download it before then. (The file is too large to be attached to this forum thread)
  2. I've now sent a link to my log file as requested as a personal message. Sorry about the delay, but I didn't burn any new discs until today.
  3. Hello. I've been using CDBurnerXP for about a year now, and I'm quite happy. There is a couple of things that annoy me, though, and they don't seem to get fixed in the new versions that have been released yet, so I'll post them here. First, when I choose to make a data disc, the explorer-like view is opened. For some reason, not all my drives are shown under "Denne pc" ("My computer", see picture 1) in the left pane, I have to click this item to see the rest of my drives in the right pane (which is also shown in this picture). Why not just show all drives available in the left pane by def
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