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  1. i tried to update it twice and it said the drivers are up to date, i also noticed the device is not in the hardware and devices, but it is seen in the device manager... thank you, well at last i know it is not the cdburner. i like the program a lot, easy, cheap and fast to use. so farewell then
  2. played a few cds i made in the past, including the last one, same brand, same burner, worked just as they should... i checked the device manager, saw properties and it says that the device was migrated. anyone knows what that means? it also says it happened on 22. october which is pretty much around the time i burned the last muller dvd... i also bought a verbatim dvd-r and tried to burn it and guess what: it was completely the same with this one! 3 min it tried to burn it, then i get the same error. it said that verbatim cd is not of a good quality enough or it is not compatible with the
  3. i know, but can someone help me please?
  4. i am also getting the error... it is true, i bought the muller cds and dvds, but i NEVER had problems with them until spring. i have burned hundreds of them before a few months ago, when i saw the error for the first time and somehow i was able to solve it (i have no idea what i did) and burned some more cds and dvds in summer and even in the end of october as far as i recall, i was able to burn dvds normally, all from muller, with the muller logo on them, now even windows won't format them. not the cd, dvd-r and dvd+rw, all from the muller cake package with 20 in it. i was able to write some
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