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  1. Thank you for you reply i'm just tell your team and company about i'm so happy with your burner ^^ again. the problem is didn't came from windows . Cause' i send the disc to other friend and them told me about the problem and like i said first I think it came from windows and loop of problem is on for a year because i don't think it the burner problem the last time i'm very sure and go here to tell . because my friend call me the problem still again and i reinstall windows in fresh and after finish install windows i'm install burner and do the job again and boom i found
  2. Thank you for your reply All i do step by step 1. i have .iso file size 20 GB and wanna write to dvd . i use winrar to sprit file to 100MB . winrar make file for me like 200 file . file name is abc.part001.rar > abc.par200.rar 2. I use you burnerXP to write file disc 1 content abc.part001.rar > abc part044.rar is 4400 MB on DVD disc 3. after finish bure Disc 1 Dvd drive eject disc i'm back to data compilation windows delete all file and crop file abc.part045.rar > abc.part088.rar drag to disc and click burn again.. 4. i do the same with disc 3 4 5
  3. Hello.. I'm very please to thankyou to all of you to create a good program for everyone .I'm so sorry if my english is not well to discript my problem . So..I'll try my best I've many file type as iso file and large more than 20GB . I've spit file with winrar to a part at 100MB and use your burnerXP to burn a file to DVD EX. disc 1 abc.part001.rar ===> abc.part044.rar disc 2 abc.part045.rar===> abc.part088.rar disc 3 abc.part089.rar ===> abc.part132.rar so on... the problem is the burnerXP program is writing the the s
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