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    Burn the same content ....

    Thank you for you reply i'm just tell your team and company about i'm so happy with your burner ^^ again. the problem is didn't came from windows . Cause' i send the disc to other friend and them told me about the problem and like i said first I think it came from windows and loop of problem is on for a year because i don't think it the burner problem the last time i'm very sure and go here to tell . because my friend call me the problem still again and i reinstall windows in fresh and after finish install windows i'm install burner and do the job again and boom i found the problem ok. i can't explain in english so well and you think the problem not came from burner i'll record all i do in video and upload to show the problem i still love the xpburner but i wan't to find out what going on too. best regard.
  2. mangkhud

    Burn the same content ....

    Thank you for your reply All i do step by step 1. i have .iso file size 20 GB and wanna write to dvd . i use winrar to sprit file to 100MB . winrar make file for me like 200 file . file name is abc.part001.rar > abc.par200.rar 2. I use you burnerXP to write file disc 1 content abc.part001.rar > abc part044.rar is 4400 MB on DVD disc 3. after finish bure Disc 1 Dvd drive eject disc i'm back to data compilation windows delete all file and crop file abc.part045.rar > abc.part088.rar drag to disc and click burn again.. 4. i do the same with disc 3 4 5 5. all operation is complete with no error and i'm very sure i didn't do any mistake .. about select wrong file or burn the same data 6. after finish my task in narmal i do have all abc.part001 > 200 in 5 disc but it burn the same data of disc 2 to the 3 4. that mean i've 1 ,2,2,2 and 5 not 1,2,3,4,5 i've this problem for a year but like i said i think it came for windows but last time that i recheck step by step i'm sure it is bug from burner.. so .. your program is very well excellent and very easy to use . and want you to please collect my report to check . hope you will find solution to solve this soon best regard .. PS. i can record screen in video the youtube to make you understand if you request ..
  3. mangkhud

    Burn the same content ....

    Hello.. I'm very please to thankyou to all of you to create a good program for everyone .I'm so sorry if my english is not well to discript my problem . So..I'll try my best I've many file type as iso file and large more than 20GB . I've spit file with winrar to a part at 100MB and use your burnerXP to burn a file to DVD EX. disc 1 abc.part001.rar ===> abc.part044.rar disc 2 abc.part045.rar===> abc.part088.rar disc 3 abc.part089.rar ===> abc.part132.rar so on... the problem is the burnerXP program is writing the the same data after disc 2 it will burn the same data of disc 2 to 3,4 ,5 I'm so sure to didn't do any thing wrong but i don't know why the program is do that i have this problem for a year and i think it came from another think like windows or myfile or my fault but last week my windows have problem and i've to reinstall windows it the fresh windows with xpburner ,winrar and the problem is still the same but not at all iso file that I've make to rar have this problem but 10 iso file will have 3-5 file ( 1 iso file have to burn 3 - 10 disc up to size) best regard. Wiwat K. Thailand

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