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  1. I wish you would offer an option to contribute to or buy CDburnerXP because you include potential harmful programs. I like the simplicity of this program. I realize you should pay attention but there is the potential to not pay attention, so you would install something like Avast, when you already have an anti-virus program, which messes things up by having conflicting programs, particularly since Windows 10 already offers a better anti-virus for Windows 7, 8 and already installed 10, rather than the "Free Anti-vi Not to mention "search" annoyances.
  2. As is often the case, I discovered how cdBurnerXP can burn a larger file size by "disc-change file system" to UDF but it has various versions, so I don't know what the best version is. Now in Roxio 2012, Creator Classic does it automatically but I guess that is the difference between a free version and a paid version. Image burn is the same. You have to choose UDF under options. Now the built in Windows 7 "Burn files to disc" will automatically burn a 4gb plus file size with no problems. It might be a little confusing to some. cdBurnerxp is about as easy as it gets with a nice interface for so
  3. I have been using cdBurnerXp due to it's simplicity and small size but when I tried to burn file sizes larger than 4gb, it would not burn the DualLayer DVD as a UDF file system without bridge that supports 4gb and larger files, as Roxio 2012 classic does. Is there something I need to turn on to be able to burn more than a 4+gb file or it just doesn't do it? The problem with Roxio, I hate to install it, just to burn cd/dvd/blu-ray, as well as copy but I do like that part of it. I don't care for the rest of the program because I use other programs that are better. Just too much junk in my comput
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