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  1. I don't think the bug will be corrected ... a year has already passed.
  2. They are not correct under Windows Explorer or under any other program. Only files recorded in the last session have valid dates and times. The dates and times of files recorded in the previous session are changed to quite random - some other date is placed in this field. Should CDBurnerXP show dates / times of files when the session is played out? Well, it does not show me - there is an empty field. The dates / times only of the files to be added are shown. I've test Nero and Ashampoo - there is everything right. I checked, because I need to record the last few discs from the beginning ...
  3. After adding the session to the BR disk: - file dates in the new session are OK - the file dates of the previous session are completely harmed (look at screenshot) Any suggestions why? Error in the program evident.
  4. I found that CDBurnerXP when continuing the recording (the second session) incorrectly reads the dates and times of files from the previous compilation. It also incorrectly compares file sizes. The image below shows two identical files. However, for the program they differ in size, and the file already recorded has no date at all. CDBurnerXP reports a different size of files as well as different dates (and there are no such differences).
  5. Hi, I wrote 2nd session to BR-Disc. Dates in new files are correct (in Windows File Manager and in Total Commander). But dates in existing files are messed, only MagicISO can read its - but in File Manager and in Total Commander dates are incorrect). Look at screenshot. This is the same disc. In MagicISO dates are correct, but in File Manager looks pretty random.
  6. I get this errors too, especially when I writing the second session on BR disc. I don't know how to cure, but restarting CDBurnerXP, changing the writing speed cure this problem. Windows 8.1 + Blu-ray Writer Pioneer + BRD.
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