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    Program display Right to Left

    English is the selected language and this happened after I did a repair on Net framework 4.0xxx I just checked and it was still R-L. I went through all of the settings and found nothing to change so I clicked on 'Default Settings' and exited... then when I opened CDBurnerXP again it is now Left to Right. All is good again. Windows 10 Insider Preview 15063 (rs2_release), 16 GB, Nvidia GTX950 Thank you, RRR
  2. Chofak

    Program display Right to Left

    Win 10 build 15061; Acer Aspire V3; 8 GB; Intel HD Graphics 4400. All drivers are up to date. Opened CD Burner XP and it is not reversed but it is Right to Left. <<EDIT >> Update to does the same. Useable but annoying.

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