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  1. The command cdbxpcmd.exe --list-drives does list the attached burners. As I understand, those device names has to be used, if you would control CDBurberXP from the command line or a batch file. Joe
  2. Hello forum! as i understand CDBurnerXP does not use the same drive-letter for a DVD-burner as shown in Windows-Explorer(for Files:-) But how can the device-name (of that DVD-burner) be determined? Thank you very much for any feedback! Joe
  3. Hello recently a Ransomware did encrypt(with AES) most of my data. Not only on the harddisk but on the attached USB-backup disk as well Now I am contemplating to backup my data(stored in many different folders) like in the good old times to DVD, preferably with a (predefined) command from Windows/DOS command line. Question: Does CDBurnerXP offer the possibility to to access/write a DVD via driveletter (e.g.: z:)? Any feedback is appreciated very much. Thank you! Joe