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  1. They are either DVD-R discs with VOB files that I have recorded on DVD recorders (eg. Sony) or data discs that I have previously created on my PC.
  2. Thanks for the answer. But unfortunately, no, I am not trying to copy "protected" discs. Only CDs/DVDs I have created myself.
  3. I've been trying to copy discs both to other discs and the Hard drive; however, the whole process only lasts a few seconds: while the status is "extracting from drive" the remaining time appaears to be less than 1 minute (see attached Screenshot 1) and when the process is completed in 11 seconds (see attached screenshot 2), the disc is obviously not copied. This happens with both the laptop's built-in dvd drive and two external dvd-drives that I've tried. I have tried to uninstall the software and re-install it and the newly installed software worked fine for a couple of weeks. Howe
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