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  1. The storage volume on a CD is maximum 700 MB (=80 minutes). So it will not work.
  2. Do the tracks show up, when you open the disc with Win Explorer ?
  3. 1. You must record the analogue sound 2. This is done by using the analogue or microphone inputs of the mainboard 3. Then collect the wma files to one cd
  4. With version this problem does not occur any more.
  5. No error message is displayed. Windows says, that this program does no react any more.
  6. I have the latest version (portable) installed and the OS is Windows 7 SP1 x64. I erase a DVD. The create a data project. (900 MB size for DVD-RW) Trying to burn. Program crashes.
  7. 1. Erase CD/DVD 2. Create data project 3. CDBurnerXP crashes
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