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    Disc Spanning Crash

    I've found a solution . I tried a different tool and it worked without a glitch. I still prefer cdburnerxp but when it comes to this problem there is no solution neither any answer for several months...
  2. tibweb

    Disc Spanning Crash

    Any update on this topic!? Also this time it crashed completely and the write didn't complete.
  3. tibweb

    Disc Spanning Crash

    Hi, I am not sure if I see the same thing, but looks similar. I use disc spanning with bd-r discs Data >100Gb; for example this case was ~140Gb so it is fitting to 7 disc, 4744 files and 191 folders Assert comes typically around disc 3-4 and in this case it came, when I inserted a new disc (when I started to have this problem I disabled the autoplay completely in Win10) It happened every time when I had more than 3 disc (maybe 2). Writing continues and disc verification is passing. I didn't see any missing file. That's pretty much that I can tell now.
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