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  1. Thank you. Doesn't the setting "file system" not only work, when I burn a CD/DVD? (I want to make an iso not a DVD, CD)
  2. I want to make an ISO from a CD to a USB-Stick. When the iso is finished I would like to compare this ISO with the CD, to see if it is really a perfect copy. Is there a possibility to do this? Would appreciate your reply. Thank you.
  3. I am confused. I have a CD with data. The data on that CD is 600 MB. So I did make a ISO with CDBurnerXP. My expectation was, that now the IOS is also about 600 MB. But it is 1000 MB. Why? Isn't an ISO not a perfect image of a CD? An answer would be interested. Thank you.
  4. Assumed the format of my DVD is UDF which allows file names of 255 symbols and I make an iso of this DVD with [File->save as image iso], are the file names in my iso then cut after 31 symbols? ( ISO9660 Level 2: 31 simbols) ?
  5. As I have still old data- DVD's /CD's which I have burnt by myself some years ago, I want to make iso's from this. It can be that some of the data of this DVD/CD can no more be read 100%, becuse they are rather old. (But I do not know, maybe they all can be still read.) Question: When I make an iso of this data- CD/DVD and there will be some information which can not be read, does CDBurnerXP give a message. Or does CDBurnerXP simply only make the iso from the data, which can be read, without give a watrning message. Thank you for an answer.
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