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  1. I installed the suggested version. It might have helped, but in the end the program froze again. Attempt 1, success with difficulties. It was having a lot of trouble copying the disc with a lot of chattering, audible retries. 28% at 3 minutes. 6+ minutes to read; Per the status: 4:59 to write (at 24x). (Brand new flawless disc.) Attempt 2, success then cancel. 1:33 read time for a different disc, the one that had originally crashed the program. I cancelled the coping instead of proceeding to burn. Attempt 3, crash 23% at 3+ minutes on third new disc; "5:58
  2. Update: after rebooting, it could recognize the drive and I burned two discs. A little while later the same dialog had appeared and I had to use it to close the program. Process Explorer did not show any CDBXP operations still running.
  3. The new significant bug is that it can no longer see the disc, which the previous version could see and burn correctly. I tried burning, and it made it 25% and crashed, locking up the drive. I had been getting occasional crashes (the "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" alert) but it was generally after the program had been running for a while and was idle, running in the background. So I decided to try the latest version: 64 bit, (Build time: Sun May 07 11:04:15 2017 according to Process Explorer.) The new version says that it can't detect the disc in
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