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  1. I know about spaces etc, not first time use cmd. But anyway the same iso file burn as file but not as image. That command works for you?
  2. Try with -burn-iso -file:image.iso -eject -device:0. But always "no iso image file specified". Where is mistake?
  3. Try with such params: --burn data -file:image.iso -device:0, but it says it's not iso file. I did try with many iso files, all the same. Can you check it out?
  4. There is not very convenient way to select files for burning: -file:some file -file:some file 2 etc. For each file i have to write -file at first. Can you make such syntacsise: -file:some file some 2 some file 3 etc. In such way it will be more easy to work with batch at make button for TC.
  5. In manual for cmd there is "You can also use a drive letter" but can't make it works. Try -device:J , -device:J:, -device:J:\, but nothing works, I have 2 dvd roms, and i can't select from them only by -device:0 -device:1, but i need specify by letter to make command in context menu.
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