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  1. I,m havin same problem worked fine for years now this and cant get an answer and ive tried every thing frustrating
  2. Dark inferno if u find an answer or an alternative please let me know
  3. this has happened to me and it has the Joliet system installed
  4. sorry I'm a nerd hope I answered u ok maybe some thing is changed in programe have stopped it and reloaded it and no change still does same its simple to use and an amazing tool but I'm stumped at what to do or look for
  5. site is great all burnt Cds play on my pc and my ute car player but not on my shed stereo or my work vehicle player seems as though and update changed some thing and older players arnt compatible any mor eis there a previous version that suited my situation still available and where is it please.Waaaaa frustrating I live in my car 10hrs a day 6 days a week so u can see why I'm frustrated HELP
  6. beeza2001

    cd play problem

    when I initially used cdxp years ago it was great still is but I have an issue since last update approx. 5mths ago maybe more. The system does what I should but cds wont play on some players but will on later new cd players the one in particular is a player in my work vehicle and my work vehicle 2004 and my bench player which is fifteen years old but will in late model players in other cars can any one help
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