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  1. Yes, now the site really works. Sorry, but each time I tried to download CDBurnerXP from the Original Site, I received an error window about an error on the database. I should have made a screenshot of this error, but I forgot to do so. Maybe the error has been corrected.
  2. When you add files and/or folders for burning, insert an empty and/or RW disc in the drive and press "Burn". At the window which will appear, select the option "Allow making changes to the disc later" to leave the disc open. Select the option "Prevent further changes to the disc (finalize)" to close the disc.
  3. Hello! Recently, I noticed that each time I try to download CDBurnerXP, I receive an error window telling me that there was a database error. Does anybody know what happened and if this error will be fixed?
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