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  1. Sorry salhi89, I don't speak/read French. By the way, you're kind of late in your response.
  2. Again, thanks floele for your response. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with Check disc -> file system in the menu. What menu are you referring to? I loaded a disc, went to clicked disc and then clicked on change file system. All that appeared was ISO 9660 /Joliet and UDF. Were you telling me how to change to UDF or what. If I change to UDF, will that display the foreign languages?
  3. Thank you floele for your response. I did that, connected the portable burner before I opened CDBurnerXP and when opened CDBurnerXP the portable hdd was there. Thanks for that info. Much appreciated.
  4. I installed CDBurnerXP last week and used it to burn 6-7 CDs from foreign CDs. Then it started giving me problems so I uninstalled it. I reinstalled it again today (01/22) and again had to uninstall it. Every time I would click on the icon on the desktop or in the task bar, it would take up to 3- 4 minutes to load or not load at all. No real problem loading my music files once it opened. However, when I insert a CD, and click Burn, everything freezes. I then have to use Task Manager to stop the process and close it. Don't understand why that happens but, as of now, I will not be using CDBurnerXP even though I was very happy with it at first. I know the problem is not my computer. I'm running Win 7 64, with Intel i7 quad core at 3.60 Ghz with 10GB memory and 1 TB HDD. with 1.25 free To be sure it wasn't my computer being "jammed" with lots of files, I used Glary Utilities to clean junk, optimize the computer and registry then defragged everything as well as the boot start-up. Everything else on my computer opens quick except CDBurnerXP. If anyone has any ideas on how to speed it up, let me know. Thank you
  5. Hadn't thought of that. I'm not familiar with that file. Is it on CDBurner XP? If so, where? I don't see UDF anywhere. I burned a disc using the 1st choice, Data disc.
  6. I would like to burn a dvd/data disc using my portable cd/dvd burner which is USB connection to DVD RW Drive (F). However, in CD Burner XP drive (F) is not on the drop down list of drives. Is there any way to get CDBurner XP to recognize drive (F)? If not, is there a possibility it will be included in a future update? Thanks
  7. This is my first time in this forum. I just downloaded CDBurnerXP and tried it for the first time. Impressed! However, I in that trial, I discovered one thing about burning CDs with a foreign language. When I checked to see what languages were supported, the two I need are missing - Thai and Lao. When I insert the CD into my computer the titles are in Thai. When the CD clips are imported into CDBurnerXP, the clip titles are in Thai. When I load it into the CD/DVD player in my auto all I get is small squares? I don't think it is a problem with my player because I've used other CD/DVDs with a foreign language and that language is displayed. Is there any chance that a future update would include both of those languages? Maybe it's just me, but I have to ask anyway. Appreciate any insight into this. Thanks
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