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  1. Hello, Ok i think i've understood what went wrong. It seems that the "copy or grab disc" option is unable to copy or grab disc that have multiple sessions on them. Only the first session will be copied/grabbed, which is quite "unfortunate" as it results in a copied disc that is just a part of the source disc... shouldn't all the sessions (the whole disc) be copied/grabbed ? Another problem is that this option "copy or grab disc", in some circumstances, won't let you know beforehand that it will only copy the first session of the source disc only : - If you use "copy or
  2. Hello, I wasn't sure to post, but i thought it might be a good idea if by any chance there is a bug (as CDBunerXP is great, thanks for the good work !) So, i have had twice a fail (2/2 actually) while using the option "copy disc" on a DVD with datas (source DVD is already a burnt DVD). The burning process failed the 2 times at the same point it seems as i only got the same partial data on the target DVD in the end, twice. It seems it is failing stating that the DVD is finalized and that it can't burn data anymore. I am quite sure i did uncheck the "finalize disc" optio
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