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  1. I have a bunch of MP3 files on the PC. I have an older car (2006) with a CD player that doesn't APPEAR to understand "data" disc. I HAVE a CD I burned a year ago (I believe) with CDBurner XP with a bunch of mp3 files on it. It plays FINE in the car. The PROBLEM is - I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT I DID TO GET IT ALL TO WORK! I'd like to make another one to listen to in the car. The total size of the 70 mp3 files is about 150 MB, so there's no problem fitting them onto the CD. I'm fairly sure I used CDBurner XP for making the other disc, since I don't recall using anything else, and I normally use it on those rare occasions when I need a CD. But when I tell CDBurner XP to create an "Audio Disc" it has some kind of seizure and keeps insisting the "data exceeds the size of the media"... So, I'm guessing I MUST have burned it as a data disc. Tried that again, and I get no sound from the disc in the car. Works on the computer, but doesn't APPEAR to work in the car. What am I missing here? How do I take some mp3 files on the computer and put them on a CD (data, audio, whatever) that'll play in the older car?
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