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  1. It is now I have tried the same disc in the car and it works fine. Commercial Audio-CD's with CD-Text work OK in the 8200CDQ, but not those made with CDBurnerXP. Must be problem with the character encoding used.
  2. It is now almost 5 years on and the problem still exists. Has the library vendor still not fixed the problem?
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    CD-Text Problems

    Problems with writing a CD-Audio disc containing CD-Text information:- Problem 1 The CUE sheet, written after manually entering the “Title” and “Artist” information for the Disc and for each Track, does not contain the “Title” text or the “Artist” text for any of the Tracks. The TITLE field of the CUE file contains only the track number information, and the PERFORMER field is completely absent. The information is written to disc but not the CUE sheet. The CUE sheet should be exactly the same as the information on the disc. Problem 2 The resulting disc will play on a PC and correctly display the CD-Text (e.g. using WMP with WMPCDText plug-in) but will not display correctly on many separate CD Players. The CD-Text displayed is garbled. It is thought that this may be due to the CD-Text being written with UDF-8 encoding, whereas ASCII is specified in the CD-Text standard and should be used. It is worth noting that ImgBurn produces CD-Audio discs that work in in all the stand-alone CD Players tested. It also writes a CUE file that contains the full CD-Text information for the Disc and for all Tracks. Attached are CUE files from CDBurnerXP and ImgBurn. CUE file from ImgBurn.txt CUE manually entered in CDBXP.txt
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